Ten more fresh faces enter UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, tonight (Tues., Aug. 18, 2020) for the latest installment of Dana White’s “Tuesday Night Contender Series,” which kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN+.

Despite a main event marred by a horrific injury, all five of last week’s victors earned themselves a spot in the Octagon. One of them, Impa Kasanganay, will make less than a three-week turnaround for his Aug. 29, 2020, Octagon debut opposite Maki Pitolo.

In this week’s main event, series veteran Victor Reyna (11-4) will attempt to redeem himself after missing weight and losing to Miguel Baeza last time out, taking on undefeated Louis Cosce (6-0). The card will also see Cheyanne Buys (4-1) fight fellow Strawweight Hilarie Rose (4-1) Cosce’s brother Orion (6-0) face Xtreme Fight League Champion Matt Dixon (6-0), TUF 28 veteran Josh Parisian (12-3) duke it out with knockout artist Chad Johnson (6-1), and Kevin Syler (10-0) return to the Contender Series opposite Ken Cross (10-3).

‘Contender Series’ Quick Results:

Victor Reyna vs. Louis Cosce
Cheyanne Buys vs. Hilarie Rose
Orion Cosce vs. Matt Dixon
Josh Parisian vs. Chad Johnson — Parisian def. Johnson by KO (elbow and punches) at 3:43 of Round One
Kevin Syler vs. Ken Cross — Cross def. Syler by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

‘Contender Series’ Play-By-Play Results:

170 lbs.: Victor Reyna vs. Louis Conce

Round one:

Round two:

Round three:

Final result:

115 lbs.: Cheyanne Buys vs. Hilarie Rose

Round one:

Round two:

Round three:

Final result:

170 lbs.: Orion Cosce vs. Matt Dixon

Round one: Dixon takes Cosce to the fence to start. He changes levels, gets him down, can’t keep him there. One minute in. They separate. Currently staying at range. Low kick exchange. Cosce tries a head kick. Jabs from Dixon. Well-timed reactive takedown into guard. Cosce gets back to his feet, takes punches on the way up. Stiff jabs by Dixon. Two minutes to go.

Cosce lands a knee in the clinch, takes a right hand upstairs. Hard lead left by Cosce and Dixon puts him on the fence. Cosce reverses, changes levels, nothing doing. One minute to go. 3-2 from Dixon, who ducks a spinning back fist for a takedown. Cosce latches onto a guillotine, drops it before the bell. 10-9 Dixon.

Round two: More jabs and a combination land for Dixon. Cosce with a right hook, then a straight left and he denies a takedown. One minute in. Hard 1-2 from Dixon, heavy overhand left and a knee come back. The knee strays low. When they resume, Cosce lands a good leg kick and knee that prompt Dixon to take him to the fence. Dixon with some foot stomps. Cosce cracks him with an elbow in return. Dixon twice changes levels, denied. Two minutes to go.

Body kick lands for Dixon. Cosce denies the next takedown and blasts him with a right hand before stopping a takedown. Dixon looking tired, but lands a left hook. Short rights by Cosce, knee, body punches in the clinch. Dixon shoots with a minute to go, eats Browne elbows. Cosce landing right hands as he’s pressed against the fence. Dixon lands a combo after separating. 10-9 Cosce.

Round three:

Final result:

265 lbs.: Josh Parisian vs. Chad Johnson

Round one: Johnson lighter on his feet early. Low kick from Parisian. One to the inside visibly dings Johnson, who trades inside and tries a level change. Parisian lands another leg kick and denies a takedown. They trade right hands in the center. one minute in. Anotehr calf kick lands for Parisian, who eats one in return. Parisian tries a lead right, eats counters. Hard lead right from Johnson. Lead right by Parisian two minutes in. Heavy combination from Johnson and he changes levels against the fence. Parisian frames and lands a pair of knees. More knees form Parisian and he drops him with a right hand on the break. He follows Johnson down into side control, dropping elbows. Two minutes to go.

Parisian tries a straight armbar, can’t get it, steps into mount. Heavy shots from Parisian and Johnson goes to sleep.

Final result: Parisian def. Johnson by KO (elbow and punches)

155 lbs.: Kevin Syler vs. Ken Cross

Round one: Syler slips to the mat, Cross doesn’t follow. 1-2 from Cross, straight left, brief takedown attempt. Cross fires a body kick and takes Syler to the fence. One minute in. Short left hand lands for Cross. He exits with a right hand. Coutner elbow from Syler, eats a body kick and straight lefts. Another hard body kick by Cross answers in kind two minutes in. Syler denies a takedown, hits one of his own and latches onto Cross’s back in the scramble. Trip briefly gets Cross back down as Syler tries to get hooks in. Cross slips out the back door and drops a hard left hand as he takes side control. Two minutes to go.

Cross looks for the back in turn. Syler looks for the switch, then grabs a guillotine that quickly proves futile. In guard with a minute to go. Short left hands from Cross. Hard elbow and some follow-up punches appear to sting Syler. 10-9 Cross.

Round two: Low kicks from Cross to start. Syler lands a body kick. Nasty body kick lands for Cross in return and he avoids a head kick before landing a straight left. Syler answers a body kick with a two-piece. Cross shoots, denied with a whizzer. One minute in. Syler lands a right hand, then jumps guard on a guillotine. Cross again manages to pop his head free. Syler looks for the switch two minutes in, can’t get it. He gets to all fours, takes some punches. Cross takes the back, looks to set up an arm triangle. Two minutes to go.

He drops the choke and postures up with punches and elbows. Back to mount, denies an attempt to bridge out. Syler uses the fence to roll into guard, then falls back for a straight ankle lock. One minute to go. Cross fights his grip and breaks it. 10-9 Cross.

Round three: Syler rushes out with a flying whatsit that Cross sidesteps. Wheel kick attempt. Cross ducks a 1-2 and looks for a single-leg. Syler defending with a kimura. Cross ends up on top in half guard as Syler holds onto the lock. One minute in. Syler drops it and tries to scoot to the fence. He gets to his feet, Cross still attached. Knees to the thigh from Cross. Syler tries to sit through, ends up on the bottom in side control. He regains guard. Two minutes to go.

Cross chipping away with short punches. He stands and Syler turns to his knees, then takes his back in the scramble. One minute to go. Syler too high, separates and stands. They get to trading. Stiff jab by Cross. Syler hits a slow-motion double-leg into side control and takes the back. Short punches by Syler. 10-9 Syler.

Final result: Cross def. Syler by unanimous decision

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