The beef between the Astros and the Dodgers just keeps going. After Joe Kelly made his highly anticipated appearance on the Big Swing podcast, Lance McCullers Jr had to get into the mix.

The Astros pitcher, who was a part of the cheating 2017 team, sounded off on Kelly. In his mind, the Dodgers’ pitcher had no intention of backing up his trash talking. He talked about Kelly and the whole incident on The Atheltic’s Starkville podcast with Jayson Stark. 

He started that issue with what he said after he struck Carlos out – not going to repeat it. Citing the ‘Oh, I didn’t get close.’ Joe was scared. Carlos isn’t the right dude to mess with. It is what it is. I’m beyond it. He got his five games.

Joe Kelly did say that he did everything he could to maintain the social distancing guidelines set forth by MLB. In fact, he went so far as to say the Astros probably should be the ones getting suspensions because they came over to the Dodgers side. 

McCullers also said that Kelly and the Dodgers’ approach to policing the game was entirely wrong. He cited the risk of player health as the reason for Kelly being the guy to blame, saying that he could have hurt someone by throwing at them. 

Throwing 97 mph fastballs at guys’ heads isn’t the way it’s done. If you are going to be the person that carries the big stick, if you’re going to be the holier than thou, you better do it the right way. That was, I think, our biggest issue with it. I think that the players that want to be the policeman, then act accordingly. If you want to hit Alex Bregman, and he’s said this multiple times: hit him in the ass and let’s move on with life. If you’re upset with that, let’s just do it and let’s get on with it.

You would think that if McCullers was so concerned with the integrity fo the game, he would condone cheating first. Apparently that’s not very high on his priority list though, who would have guessed. Whatever he wants to say, nothing changes the fact that the Dodgers were cheated out of a World Series in 2017, and everyone knows it. 

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