Rob Lowe is here to literally fix everything. Ok, by now I’m sure you’re growing tired of seeing me write about what the lifelong Dodgers fan is saying… but I’ll stop writing it when it stops being funny slander on the cheating Astros or, in this case, close enough to an arguable fact.

Recently while on with the guys at Jomboy Media, Lowe shared his thoughts on a key element missing from the LA ballclub for a long time.

Like, since their last championship.

If I had a knock on the Dodgers — and it’s similar to the last time they went to the World Series — if you remember before the ’88 season, they were good but they never really got there. And then they needed a badass to come in and they got [Kirk] Gibson.

By now you know the story. In his first full offseason as general manager, Fred Claire signed free agent outfielder Kirk Gibson to a three-year deal to help a talented but perhaps unmotivated team learn how to be winners. Gibson had been a spearhead in leading the 1984 Detroit Tigers to their first world title in nearly 20 seasons. 

With Los Angeles, Gibby brought his football gridiron intensity to a relaxed Tommy Lasorda led ballclub that lit a fire under the group of misfits. An intensity perhaps missing since then in the eyes of Lowe.

I think the Dodgers always lack a little badassery and a little fire. That’s always their issue. And it’s an LA thing — it’s 100% an LA thing, everybody’s young and they’re cool and they’re great guys. … A little old school badassery goes a long way.

No doubt it’s an interesting take, but it’s definitely arguable. Perhaps an early ’90s Mike Piazza might have fit the bill, but he was shipped to Miami before he could fully mature into a bonafide leader. Kevin Brown in the early ’00s was an intense dude, but he also struggled to stay on the field and was part of mostly bad Dodger teams.

Where do you stand on this narrative? Let us know in the comments below.

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