Fans unfortunately will not be able to enjoy the gorgeous renovations at Dodger Stadium this year. A worldwide pandemic has made it all but impossible for baseball teams to even consider hosting fans. But there is also plenty to look forward to in 2021 and the coming years. 

Everything change made to Dodger Stadium is done entirely with the fan experience in mind. The Dodgers understand the importance of attendance across a big-league season, so having the best ballpark around can only improve that. 

With all of the renovations going on, the technological changes cannot be overlooked. The Information Technology department of the organization has been hard at work ensuring Dodger Stadium is equipped with the most up to date services. That includes possibly moving to an entirely cashless system moving forward, especially in the context of a season following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But the upgrade in technology also opens to the door to plenty of other things at Dodger Stadium. For one, the ability to eventually use facial recognition software could very well be on the horizon. Ralph Esquibel, the Dodgers vice president of information technology, feels that it has the potential to improve the fan experience. While it’s unclear how it would be used, it would presumably offer a level of security for fans. 

The upgrades to Dodger Stadium also offer new real-time analytics based on where you are. For instance in one of the venue’s new sports bars, analytical data comes up on the screens during games. That data will update as the game progresses and things change. 

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