If there’s a single MLB player whose own development could most shape the near-term future of the Royals, it’s probably uber-talented infielder Adalberto Mondesi. Fortunately, he now appears to be fully recovered from a somewhat worrisome shoulder procedure, as MLB.com’s Jeffrey Flanagan reports.

When last we checked in on Mondesi, before the pandemic pause, his return to competitive action was delayed by some ongoing soreness. That wasn’t gravely concerning in and of itself, but did highlight the remaining uncertainty.

The forced pause appears to have afforded a window of rest and recuperation. As Mondesi closes in on his 25th birthday, he says he’s “just normal again” when it comes to the health of his left shoulder joint.

Mondesi had remained in Kansas City over the offseason to work through the careful rehab he required. But he returned to his native Dominican Republic after Spring Training was halted. He says he stuck with his work there while doing only limited hitting, setting himself up to return at full speed.

Now Mondesi says he’s “just really happy to be back on the field and I feel great.” That’s fantastic news for him, as he’s looking to set the stage for a first trip through arbitration in the 2020-21 offseason. And it’s most welcome also for a team that is hoping Mondesi can emerge as a core superstar to lead another window of contention.

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