Since the early days when the sport was anything but a mainstream endeavor, the MMA industry has thrived and survived through various websites, forums, and, perhaps most importantly, social-media platforms.

Fighters interact with fans, each other, and many more through the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which helps outsiders get a deeper look into the minds of the athletes.

Following Saturday’s UFC on ESPN 11 event in Las Vegas, several of the winning and losing fighters, along with their coaches, training partners, or family members, took to social media to react to the event or share a message with supporters.

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The defeated

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Never give up your dreams ⚡ keep facing your fears head on. Let your light 💡 shine. I am overwhelmed by the amount of support my home town gives me. YOU all are so amazing. There are so many questions that play into my mind that I have asked out loudly and still can’t pin point answers – I felt great this whole camp but my body didn’t adapt when it was time to. I didn’t expect this road to be so bumpy but I am PREPARED for it. 2020 it’s been one helluva ride. For now I will lean on my family for there love and support and strive to be the best version of myself every single day. It’s not easy but I know my time will come until then I’ll continue to pay my dues and ride the wave. To my fans, I love you.💕 your inspiring words mean so much to me. I will be getting to my fan mail shortly – hang tight. BTB. 📸: @katgrays

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