Monday Match Analysis host Gill Gross joins Gruskin to break down Pat Rafter’s 26 63 36 62 86 victory over Andre Agassi in the 2001 Wimbledon Semifinals. They discuss the two men’s history at Wimbledon, examine the vastly different career trajectories of Rafter and Agassi, and debate whether the right player won this match.

Quick audio note: Unfortunately technical difficulties occurred near the end of the show. Only the last 15 minutes are affected, but if you notice a change in the audio quality, that’s the reason why. Other than that, enjoy the show!!


Cracked Racquets is excited to launch our newest product: CR Classics. Host Alex Gruskin and members of the Cracked Racquets team set the scene, breakdown the highlights, and offer their takeaways from the best matches in tennis history.

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