Many times we have heard of shot selection, but what do they really mean with this term?

In my personal opinion and what I always try to teach my students is that the shot selection should be adapted to your game style, the weaknesses of your opponent that day and the surface where the match is being played.

In other words, if you are an aggressive player, it is usually convenient to take the ball when it goes up (on the rise) and as close to the base line as possible to be able to connect powerful shots and take time from the opponent looking for short points. However, it does not mean that if you are playing on clay, perhaps for a change you could go 2 or 3 steps back and hit a heavy shot, looking for depth to push your opponent back and be ready to attack the next ball.

This is a smart sport, in which decisions are made in fractions of seconds constantly, and that’s why the SHOT SELECTION is really important. I can name countless players who do not have the best shots or the most beautiful techniques but still win because are smart and make the right decisions during the match.

In today’s video I would like to show you a couple of examples and variants always receiving the same ball from my opponent:

A) FOREHAND ON THE RISE, for this shot, the key will be to have the contact point as far forward as possible to take time away from your opponents and at shoulder height, to be able to transfer the weight of your body forward.

B) HEAVY FOREHAND, for this shot the key will be to go 2 or 3 steps back, let the ball drop to your stomach or hips height and spin the ball with a nice curve looking for depth to push your opponent back.

C) DROP SHOT, for this shot the key will be to prepare the racket as to hit a forehand but switch to a continental grip right before hitting the ball, surprising your opponent.

D) SWING VOLLEY, for this shot you will make sure to not let the ball bounce, and the contact point will be at your shoulder height.

I hope you liked it, and I’ll be reading all your comment, I promesa to respond as many as I can 😎