Let me show you how I swipe to practice and play some matches in lower tours in Tennis Clash, a sports game published by Wildlife Studios.

Let’s note right away that it’s just a video showing how I swipe, this is not a tutorial video supposed to give you the best way of swiping because there is NO best way. What you should do is to try and find the finger that suits you most to make the swipe moves.

I use my middle finger to make the swipe. I’ve tested several fingers and this middle finger suits me best for swiping in Tennis Clash.

I’m right handed so I use my right hand all the time. It takes a bit of training to rotate your wrist a bit so as to swipe correctly (and fast) towards the left corner (when I say left, it’s for right-handed people of course, and it’s the left according from the point of view of you the player). It’s obviously much easier to swipe to the right corner when you want to play a strong forehand, if you are right handed.

On the contrary, if you are left-handed, it will be much easier to swipe towards the left corner. And in that case, you will have to train a bit the wrist to make it rotate with ease to swipe towards the right corner.

When you practice, keep in mind the 2 points of reference that should be the 2 corners of your opponent’s court side. Play the way you could hit them blindfold (you can check if your hit was valid just after having swiped so as, open your eye at that moment). If you can hit the 2 corners 9 times out of 10 blindfold, then you are good to go to matches with much more confidence.

Then you should take the sidelines as lines of reference as well. Keep them in mind, so that your swipes don’t go out of this kind of lane created by the 2 sidelines. Of course, they will go out at a moment because we are humans and humans make errors now and then. But try to keep your swipes in the lane at least 9 times out of 10. Here again, practice a lot to improve your self confidence.

You can note that I don’t have very short nails. I must keep them at a minimum length to play instrumental music. The nails should not produce any impact on your swipe. So if your nails are very long and that you find they disturb your swipes, you can think about having at least 1 finger with shorter nail to play in Tennis Clash.

As you can see, there is nothing special with my swipe in Tennis Clash. That’s why I took a bit of time to make this video, even if my subscribers asked for it since at least a month now. I was saying to myself “There is really nothing very different from the way other players swipe so why should I record this video urgently?”. And so I gave priority to other tests of games until today.

Plus I wanted to make a better edited version of the swipe, showing the swipe in real situation (with the finger on the phone screen) in the left part of the video, and the result in the game in the right part of the video. But then I was saying to myself that it would not bring a huge added value to viewers so I just recorded this simple and raw footage.

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