Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller, and senior writer for The Athletic Andy McCullough banter about the people they would be (or have been) most nervous about interviewing and two new noteworthy articles, then discuss Andy’s and Rustin Dodd’s highly controversial ranking of the 30 greatest baseball songs of all time, the dispute about John Fogerty’s “Centerfield,” the best and worst baseball songs, what qualifies a song as a baseball song, why baseball music isn’t better, and more.

Audio intro: The Magnolia Electric Co., “31 Seasons in the Minor Leagues
Audio outro: Matt the Electrician, “Baseball Song

Link to Sam’s Mattingly article
Link to Pedro’s rooster reveal
Link to Andy’s and Rustin’s ranking
Link to Ben on baseball sheet music
Link to Sam on baseball rap
Link to Sam on baseball rap again
Link to EW music folder
Link to Ben and Travis Q&A
Link to order The MVP Machine

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