Friends, the name of India, which has become an inspiration for the emerging generation, even in Pakistan, which has become an inspiration for the emerging generation, even after many interruptions, he made his name Roshan Ji yes friends we are talking about tennis player Sania Mirza whose sports Life and real life have always been surrounded by controversies,    But still he did not give up and kept moving forward and as such today in this video of ours, we will tell you about some of the controversies related to Sania Mirza’s life, which are very important for you to know, but let’s know friends Before reading further, if you also like Sania Mirza, then do like the video,   Allegations of tricolor insult – Now friends, we all know that if someone is channel alleged that Sania Had insulted the tricolor flag during the match, in fact, this channel showed a picture in which Sania Mirza is reclining on the table during the match and the tricolor on the same table Are kept, and Sania has dismissed the allegation of channel and later discovered that the flag was placed in front of the flag foot not only at their table was somewhere else and photographs went took such that Yun began, Question on wearing short skirts – Friends, in Indian society, doing something which has never happened before is seen even today from different eyes and when Sania Mirza started playing tennis, some conservative maulana’s Some questions were raised about the wearing of skirts and issued a fatwa as well. Now it is a matter of thinking that in the tennis court, there is an antiqual tradition The can end to the game in costumes but Sania kept controversy stands to people that heard not a single and continued their game

Marriage with Shoaib Malik – Many questions have also been raised about Sania’s illustrious career and at the same time something happened in her personal life even for Jean, she is heard to be unhappy even today. These are the fantasies about marrying Shoaib Malik’s boss Shoaib Malik is a Pakistani and Sania Mirza is his second wife,     Refusal to play with Leander Paes – Fatigue and fighting between Star Plus are common in any sport and the victim of one such controversy is Sania Mirza,  
  Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi, the biggest 2 superstars of Indian tennis, when Paes needed a partner to play mixed doubles when the fight took place and both of them refused to play together and chose Sania but Mahesh Bhupathi Sania was scheduled to play with Tennyson