Major League Baseball is preparing to allow its thirty teams to issue new ticket policies to facilitate refunds for games missed due to the coronavirus shutdown, Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal reports. To this point, the league had treated those contests as postponements that would, in theory, be made up.

It appears as if every organization will set its own course. It’s not yet clear if the league will limit the timeframes or issue other limitations on how teams can respond. Some clubs had already begun facilitating requests from fans who reached out in hopes of obtaining a refund.

While the league hasn’t yet cancelled 2020 regular season games, and doesn’t intend to do so at present, teams will evidently now have greater flexibility to go ahead with refunds. That seems to match the reality of the situation. There’s no reason to think that we’ll have typical games with fans in the stands in the coming months, if at all in 2020, and many ticketholders are surely in need of the cash they had previously plunked down for tickets.

It has been one week since a lawsuit was filed seeking class action status to challenge the league’s decision not to issue ticket refunds. Whether that action will proceed, perhaps in some modified form, remains to be seen.

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