Adrian Durham has revealed what happened after that heated clash with Jamie Carragher live on talkSPORT in 2007.

Following the Liverpool legend’s decision to retire from international football at 29, Durham famously called the former defender a bottler.

The argument was that he should’ve remained in the England set-up and fought for his place, but Carragher, showing the passion he so often displayed on the pitch, took opposition to the claim.

Don’t worry, Durham and Carragher are best mates now

He rang into talkSPORT to defend himself – and it got a bit tasty.

“It would be interesting to see if you’ve got any bottle,” Carragher said. “Come down to Liverpool and say it to my face, then we’ll see.

“Don’t call me a bottler on national radio in front of thousands of people, I’ve been proving myself for eight years.”

So Durham, never one to back down, took Carragher up on his offer and travelled down to Liverpool for a chat.

But instead of hostilities, the talkSPORT host was greeted with a gift, and he gave Carragher one in return to spark an unlikely friendship.

Durham recalls: “We arranged it all, we were in a bar he had. He walked in and threw a carrier bag at me with full force, and it had one of his shirts in it.

“I was totally blown away. We didn’t know we were going to get each other gifts, but I got him one as well.

“I got him a framed picture of him lying on the ground after being left for dead by Ronaldinho.”

Since then, Carragher has been a regular guest on Drive and the pair are thick as thieves. Who said romance was dead?

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