Andy Murray is off to a quick start in the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro, in more ways than one.

The former World No. 1 won his first match of Group 1 action, defeating Benoit Paire 3-1. Perhaps the highlight wasn’t the victory, but Murray’s in-match commentary.

“Where is my player going? Where are you going?!”

“Ahh, get there! Get there!”

“My hands are sweating.”

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Murray simultaneously played the Frenchman and commentated on the action. There was no shortage of grunting, despite the players competing virtually.

During one point, Paire rushed the net and put away a backhand winner, which threw Murray for a loop.

“I’ve never seen you play that shot before, ever,” Murray said. “Normally you hit a drop shot there!”

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Paire has a formidable two-handed backhand in real life, and Murray was keen to play the game as if both men were physically on the court.

“Why am I playing to your backhand?” Murray asked, criticising his own decision-making.

Paire held his first service game to take a 1-0 lead, but Murray found his rhythm from there, pumping himself up throughout, sprinkling in comments of “come on”, “that’s the one” and “tricky serve” throughout.

“Come on I need the break here. Come on,” Murray said after earning a break point at 1-1, before crushing a forehand passing shot down the line for a winner. “Come on!”

Murray was so busy bantering with Paire that he received a time violation warning on match point, but it mattered little, as the Brit quickly finished off the Frenchman.

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