The Dodgers fanbase was probably hoping for some good news in the midst of all this COVID-19 chaos, but alas, that is not what we bring today. Dodger Stadium has seen a drastic uptick in security over the last few decades, most notably due to the Bryan Stow incident. As it turns out, all of that extra security might not still be enough.

The Dodgers are facing a lawsuit from a fan that claims he was attacked in the parking lot after a game in March of 2019. The 45-year-old man and his wife are maintaining that the stadium lacked adequate security, leading to the man’s assault and subsequent brain damage. 

Rafael Reyna was apparently walking to his car when he was punched and kicked repeatedly by a group of men following the end up a game. Reyes spent days in a medically induced coma from when he fell and hit his head during the assault. Part of the lawsuit also claims that the Dodgers’ parking lot also lacked safe lighting as well.

As we all yearn for the return of baseball, this lawsuit reminds everyone that no team … can ever put their own thirst for profits over the safety of their loyal fans. 

Reyes’ lawyer issued that statement above in regard to the lawsuit, alleging that the Dodgers have purposely cut back on stadium security. Joe Jareck, the team’s spokesman, declined to comment on the lawsuit when asked by reporters. 

Dodger Stadium, like any other ballpark in baseball, has experienced it’s share of violence in the past. Bryan Stow was attacked after a game in 2011. and was left with permanent brain damage. Two men pleaded guilty and that case and were sent to prison as a result, with the Dodgers paying out part of an $18 million settlement. 

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