With the NFL Draft right around the corner, the NFL will be receiving an influx of young players. And an integral part to these NFL players journey will be some of the oldest NFL players and the veteran NFL player’s presence. The oldest players in the NFL always act as a mentor role, because as the oldest NFL players still playing they are wise and know how to be successful. In today’s video, we are going to be covering each NFL team’s oldest player, listing off the oldest player on each NFL team and determining who the oldest NFL player is. This list will include the oldest NFL player on each team, including old NFL player like Larry Fitzgerald, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Philip Rivers. Each NFL team has an oldest player, and each of these old player from all NFL teams heading into the 2020 NFL season will be covered in this video! This list will not include some of the oldest NFL Players ever though, such as Adam Vinatieri, because Vinatieri is not on a team.

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