When the Turner clan isn’t busy giving back — and believe that they are giving back a lot during these trying times for us — Justin and Kourtney are staying safer at home just like us.

…well, maybe not just like us.

The couple welcomes us into their home for a day in the life with the Turners.

Right off the bat, Justin’s robe is incredible and fans everywhere should have at least one in their closet. The red head also challenged teammate Clayton Kershaw to a pancake battle at breakfast. For context, Kersh made pancakes for the family when he and Ellen welcomed us into their home for a day.

Back in the Turner home, Kourtney and Justin get in their daily workouts — with JT rocking out to some Green Day. Plus they even get some batting work in off the tee.

Justin also takes us through his work with the LA Dream Center where amongst other foods, he buys 1,000 tacos to donate to needy families while also helping a small business in the process.

Finally, the Turner bunch settles in to record a new episode of Kourtney’s “Holding Kourt” podcast which already became a viral hit after aiding in the breaking of big-time news surrounding Netflix’s “Tiger King” series. 

Thank you to Kourtney and Justin for letting fans tag along for a day!

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