The NFL Draft kicks off tomorrow night. If you’re a football fan, it’s already appointment television. If you’re more of a casual NFL fan, you may want to tune in anyway. (Save the second watch of Tiger King for next week.)

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Quarterback Joe Burrow – who threw for 60 touchdowns last year at LSU – is a mortal lock for the Bengals at No. 1. Beyond that, everything is up for grabs. The Redskins are reportedly listening to calls for the No. 2 pick, so they could conceivably be tempted enough to pass on a potential generational talent in Ohio State’s Chase Young. The Lions (No. 3) and Giants (No. 4) are also answering the phone, so this year’s top rookies could all be up for grabs.

Meanwhile, Rob Gronkowski is headed to Tampa Bay to rekindle his bromance with Tom Brady. Seven-time Redskins Pro Bowler Trent Williams could be the next superstar on the move.

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