First known active UFC fighter with COVID-19, Lyman Good ready to get back to work

Lyman Good had been scheduled to fight Belal Muhammad at UFC 249 on April 18 in Brooklyn, N.Y. In early April, he pulled out of the fight, citing injury. He recently admitted that it was actually COVID-19 that forced him out of the fight.

Good and his live-in girlfriend both tested positive for COVID-19, which he informed the UFC. One of Good’s coaches also tested positive, but his teammates have not, according to his comments to ESPN.

Now, however, Good has recovered from the virus and is ready to get back to work. He is feeling 100-percent and wants to get back in the Octagon to fight again, no matter where it takes place. “At this point, trying to figure out the location, it doesn’t matter. It could be on an island, in another country, it doesn’t matter.”

In his interview with TMZ Sports, Good offered many words of encouragement and also said that he is in contact with the Red Cross to donate blood since he should now have antibodies for the virus, which could help other people.

“I want to give back and be able to help other people.”

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(Courtesy of TMZSports)

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